Dayvee Sutton braves mountain ranges, rivers and the elements to discover some of the most spectacular parks on Earth! Our explorers visit the coolest attractions, reveal hidden histories, and showcase breathtaking views guaranteed to cause wanderlust.

Touring and Tasting in Puerto Vallarta

Beautiful Spanish architecture and a taco stand on every corner, join Dayvee Sutton on a mouthwatering adventure down the streets of Mexico's Puerto Vallarta!

The Islands of Fiji

Fiji is full of vibrant scenery and people, but climate change has put their paradise under great stress. Learn what can be done to fight against this issue from the people leading the charge.

Daufuskie Island

Meet Sallie Ann Robinson, your tour guide through the history and culture of Daufuskie Island, and proud member of the Gullah people.

The Roxbury Experience

The Catskills of New York are a beautiful sight to behold, but this time, Dayvee Sutton is upping her stay by spending the night at the Roxbury Experience!

Chilling in Banff & Lake Louise

One of the most beautiful places on earth, Canada's Banff national park is particularly magical during the colder months. Strap on your snow shoes and join Dayvee Sutton on this guide through a winter wonderland!

The Amazon Rainforest

Adventure is unmatched exploring the world’s largest tropical rainforest. We journey on the only riverboat tour through Brazil on the Rio Negro.

The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are home to some of the nation's most unique and beautiful natural attractions, and nestled amongst them are a slew of once in a lifetime experiences and impressive historical monuments.

Yucatan Cenotes

So captivating in their beauty that the Mayan civilization built temples around them, the cenotes of the Yucatan are a must see.

Lynches River Rats

Barry Frick has spent his whole life kayaking on Lynches River, SC, and now runs one of the area's most popular attractions in the form of a family owned and operated historic river tour.


It's the B in the Dutch Caribbean’s ABC islands. The diving paradise is located outside the hurricane belt, so anytime of the year is the perfect time to plan a trip.

Akumal Sea Turtles

Swim with the sea turtles of Akumal and learn about some of the greatest threats to their habitat.


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